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My Wild Irish Eyes

The other day, a neighbor stopped me and exclaimed, “I saw your credit on ‘The Irishman’ flick!”  And sure enough, there it is in the Martin Scorsese epic crime film, deep in the credits that roll along well after people have filed out of the theater.  Still, it warmed my (Scotch-) Irish heart.  Now if I could only figure out which of my images appear, and where!  Maybe you can help me spot it.

Mirror, Mirror Back in Time

Yup, that’s me, many years (and pounds) ago, getting my start in photography in Washington’s Willard Hotel, which was rescued from demolition in the nick of time. (Below is another hanger-on of a place in the Bodie ghost town.) These images introduced me in two stories in City Lab, the Atlantic‘s digital magazine.

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Ghost Towns on City Lab Site

Depict Picks Carol

Depict, a new company that makes digital frames into which their owners can insert what the company called “museum-worthy” customized art and fine photography, is featuring Highsmith images, including a series called “Neon Alley 2.”

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Does CBS Have My GPS?

I’ve had the usually flattering experience of being interviewed by a number of newspapers and broadcast networks. The big-old Eye at CBS, especially, seems to keep a lookout for me.  Three times one of its shows has found me a worthwhile subject.  This one was in my home stomping grounds.  For it, I guess you could say it had “flower power.”

CBS Sunday Morning

George Goes Straight to Highsmith

For his new album, “Honky Tonk Time Machine,” country music superstar George Strait picked Carol’s image of the Broken Spoke dance hall in Austin, Texas.

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I’m Abe-le

One of the things that those self-quarantined by the coronavirus crisis could do in April 2020 was to check out a gallery of Lincoln Memorial images that the National Park Service published on its site with this thoughtful credit: “American photographer, author, and publisher Carol Highsmith is known as “America’s Photographer.” These images are part of the more than 100,000 images [actually 72,000, but I’m working toward 100K] she donated, royalty-free, to the Library of Congress, which established a rare, one-person archive of her life’s work.

Carol Highsmith Lincoln Images


15The Voice of America is special to me, because my dear husband, Ted, worked there for 24 great years and, even before I got him on the road with me, served as its Americana reporter.  So when his former colleague, Julie Taboh, asked to profile me and my work, I jumped at it.  Be sure to read while these two images in the story are special, too!

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Phase One Instagram Sites Highlight Highsmith

Phase One, the Danish company that makes Carol’s favorite camera, producing the largest-megapixel images on earth, posts more than 500,000 images! every day on three Instagram sites: Phase One, Capture One, and Phase One Photo.  Of those HALF A MILLION images, at least one of Carol’s images is selected almost every day.  Here, ALL THREE of the top nine are Highsmith images!!

My Lens on Lincolnia

Over 40 years visually documenting America for our esteemed national library, I’ve photographed some sweeping panoramas. But one of my most treasured moments involved a single item no bigger than a harmonica.  It was a derringer – the very gun with which John Wilkes Booth mortally wounded Abraham Lincoln.  At Ford’s Theatre, one of many stops on my personal pursuit of Lincoln’s remarkable markers from Washington, D.C., to Illinois, the National Park Service gingerly brought out the pistol for me to capture.  Here it is, featured on the cover the Audiobook version of Gore Vidal’s fictional Lincoln chronicle.


One of the refinements that Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden has brought to her position is occasional Twitter posts that touch base with social media devotees.  This month (April 2020) she posted a “Happy #Earth Day” message: As we’re all sheltered at home, let these beautiful photographs from the @librarycongress collection take you on a breathtaking trip around the nation. Here are some photos by Carol Highsmith taken in Colorado, Alabama, California & Idaho.