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Colorful Tucson

Above: “Epic Rides” is one of several vivid murals created by artist Joe Pagac.  Only a wild imagination would think of putting a man, a woman, a tortoise, a javelina, and a jackrabbit together in a bike ride. (A javelina is a Southwest version of a peccary, and if that doesn’t help, think “pig-like animal… Read More »

Poignant Vestiges of Simpler Times

As I travel eight to nine months each year, I spend thousands of miles and hundreds of hours on America’s back roads.  When I look out the car window and see old, dilapidated gas stations, sagging wooden barns, and abandoned grain elevators , I think about what life must have been like for those who… Read More »

Street People (Homeless and Otherwise) Along the Byways of America

I’ve met thousands of people who live and try to make meager ends meet on the streets of our cities and towns. Many graciously take the time to pose for me and recount their stories.  Some who leave a lasting impression tell me they’re sure where they’ll lay their heads that night.  Their words describe… Read More »

I Wanta Be a Cowgirl and Rope and Ride All Day!

I say that — that I’d love to be a cowgirl in a snazzy Stetson hat and leather boots and chaps, riding and roping and rodeoing on a ride I’d name Frosty that was not just my horse but my partner and pal.  Over several months I loved meeting real, rough and ready, but ever-polite… Read More »

People in Glass Houses….Have a Great (and Pricey!) View

I love — and love even more to photograph — American architecture.  I used to look at modernist structures and appreciate them, but I was mainly drawn to historic buildings and homes (perhaps because I live in one). One year I traveled across America, documenting award-winning architecture for the American Institute of Architects and the… Read More »

Steamboat Springs Winter Festival Fantastic!

I felt for sure I would freeze to death at the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival in Colorado.  Minus-1-degree temperatures will do that to a body!  The spectacle was fun and lively, and I wanted to go to all the events, but when my fingers began to stick to the camera, visions of hot chocolate were… Read More »

Wyoming’s Colorful Eastern Shoshone Family Portrait, Historic Cemetery and Dramatic Wind River

Visiting Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.  Proud members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe posed with their beautiful families, I had a moving shooting opportunity at the tribe’s remote and historic cemetery, and (miraculously!) I was at the right place at the right time when a train came roaring through a… Read More »

Rich, Eclectic and Innovative Architecture

America has magnificent architecture in places that are not necessarily well known. I have enjoyed traveling all over America seeing and capturing our special places.  We have one very interesting country…at least architecturally! The George Peabody Library, formerly the Library of the Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore, dates from the founding of the Peabody… Read More »