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Mary Yee: Wonderful portrait. You really captured his power and dignity.

John Esford: amazing light in an amazing spot.?

Jerni Edlen: A wonderful, inspiring, and fascinating interview. Always a pleasure to view your works and hear the back story.

David Brown: You capture these images so well. Lovely work. ?

Sharon A. Tyson: Amazing image Carol!!

Robert Sterbal: I’m always extra happy when our paths have seen similar things and I have the joy of your photos.

Margaret Bristol Johnson: You are amazing!

Stan Malinowski: Beautiful! You’re showing me places that I did not know existed in this country!

Jerni Edlen: Beautiful image. A terrific example of “Americana.”

Scott Burns: An image to be treasured.

Niki Chenault: How wonderful! Congratulations on such an accomplishment

Dan Toomey: Incredible photo!

Ruth Blohm: You are always in the right place at the right time!

Robert Sterbal: Ms Highsmith, you are a national treasure.

Pam Dembe: You are amazing. Thank You for documenting the America that many of us never have the opportunity to see. Your photographs truly show our diversity & our unity.

Diana Lundquist: Thank you for your endless love for our country…

Julia Norman McLean: I so admire your work and am eternally grateful for you allowing me to follow along on your trips across America….I thank you.

Martha Foster McDowell: It’s an honor to travel with you!

Barry Magarick: What a beautiful thing it is that we are connected via FB. You so deserve to be in the LoC pantheon of exquisite and artistic storytellers for all of our generations.

Chuck Rickman: You have provided us experiences most of us could never see or get to. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the LOC in 100 years to see how people react to your priceless collection. You are amazing Carol M. Highsmith.

Margaret Bristol Johnson: Sometimes your photos are photos of places I’ve traveled to and loved. More often they show places I can only dream about. The interesting, often very individualistic, people in your portraits are a delight. And you yourself are an inspiration: a woman my own age travelling, photographing, creating art and recording

Linda Carter Brinson: Carol, you are fantastic!

WF Strong: Love, Love Love your Webpage.  It’s just awesome in every way.

Cindy Griffith McEnery: Golly, your work is just amazing!

Jan Royal: This visual has it all…the vast sky’s reflection adds some of the magic to nature’s wonder…give em a John Muir moment…wonder if you two ever set up camp while you are engaged in selecting the “perfect spots”

Linda Bjorklund: Congratulations on a much deserved award.

David Brown: You capture these images so well.  Lovely work!

Jan Royal: The history of our great country is so important to keep in the minds of each following generation …a beautiful image that once again says a picture is worth a thousand words … Carol, you enrich this nation more than words can say …and more than you will ever know …

Keri Price: What a gorgeous photo!!!

Stan Malinowski: Carol — Such a beautiful, beautiful photo. I keep thinking about all the wondrous parts of this country that you and Ted have seen and photographed and yet, it seems that you never have enough time to stay, relax, and enjoy!

Rose Caplan: Stay safe Carol. And thank you for bringing our beautiful country to us through your creative lens!!

Diane Maddex: You are indeed acclaimed far and wide!

Chuck Rickman: Spectacular presentation and capture.

Michael Hughes: Carol M. Highsmith is one of the Library of Congress’ great benefactors. She donates to the Library her amazing photographs of America and the Jefferson Building without copyright restrictions. Here is just one example. It will make your day!

Julia Norman Mclean: You are one of the things I look forward to when our country opens back up….get lots of rest and then hit the road wide open…we count on you?

Kay Mathews: That is utterly gorgeous! Simply beyond beautiful…almost too beautiful to be real!

Michael Hughes: Carol M. Highsmith is one of the Library of Congress’ great benefactors. She donates to the Library her amazing photographs of America and the Jefferson Building without copyright restrictions. Here is just one example. It will make your day!

Kristen Akers Gozdecki: Carol M. Highsmith’s work is healing and very important. Perhaps now, more than ever.

Tisa Barton: You are so lucky to have such a wonderful profession that you love.  It shows in your work

Sue Ellen Miller: Love the story you add to your always find the most interesting stops & people

@WorldHistory101: Her photos are a treasure.

Leesie Grif: Thank YOU, Carol M. Highsmith’s America, for capturing this amazing country in photos that others may enjoy now and for years to come!

Ann Hall: I love your pictures! What a gift you are giving our country!

Jami Alwin: Words cannot tell you how much I appreciate your work

Maureen ONale Dennis: Absolutely my favorite Teton spot. The whole ‘neighborhood’ is photo-worthy. Your shot is by far the best I have ever seen.

Dan Rudt: Your photos are a national treasure and a testament to the many thousands of very long days you and Ted have put in, both on the road and seated at your electronic darkrooms, to make your collection, your gift to the world, a reality. You are deserving of whatever recognition you receive. We can never thank the two of you enough.

Chris Hoffman: Carol, You capture our national treasures for us and posterity. I just want you to know that I think you are a national treasure.

Ed Noble: What a wonderful country we have. Thanks Carol for recording it so beautifully.

Billy Robertson: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these awesome photos

Steve D. Henry: Thank you Carol. So nice to hear that from someone like yourself who has dedicated her life to chronicle America in a way no one ever has done before. Our country is richer for it.

Donald Mank: Carol, I love your stuff almost as much as I envy your travels

Stan Malinowski: Who would ever have “thunk” that gas stations would become objects of art (as differentiated from objets d’art). This photograph of a gas station is stunning in its perfection. The fascination with gas stations is likewise shared by artists and photographers including Alex Devereux, Ed Ruscha, and Ralf Peters. Carol M. Highsmith’s gas station is the most compelling image of among all these that I’ve seen!

David Brown: Well you’re certainly keeping me entertained with your beautiful photographs. You are letting everyone see what a wonderful world we live in. Thank you ????????????

OldGaffer: Carol Highsmith’s life is itself a work of genius.

Dmitri Gheorgheni @d_gheorgheni: Carol M Highsmith is a national treasure!

J.J. Harbster: A huge THANK YOU to Carol M. Highsmith for providing excellent visuals – your archive is a treasure!

Michael Hughes: Carol M. Highsmith is one of the Library of Congress’ great benefactors. She donates to the Library her amazing photographs of America and the Jefferson Building without copyright restrictions. Here is just one example. It will make your day!

Jimmie von Tungeln: Want something soothing and refreshing today? Go to and lose yourself in the wonder that is America.

Carol Finley: Carol Highsmith you such great contributor to all that are fortunate to experience your work. Thank you!

Patricia Wheelus: This is spectacular! My health keeps me homebound, so your photos make me feel as I am experiencing firsthand .thank you so very much

Stan Malinowski: Owensboro should be proud to be selected by someone of Carol Highsmith’s national prominence and notoriety to be featured in this project.

Lisa Lynch: It is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your “visual candy!”

Thomas James Seymour: You started your career in photography to take over 100,000 pictures of the whole USA using the world’s most powerful camera and no copyright restrictions at all back on 1/1/1980, were you aware some people, such as myself, would get really excited about you? That was my crazy dream back in elementary school, which I’m really going for at this point!

sonorancatieI I am always so grateful to see our great country through your eyes!

Polly Cook Your photos are so impressive great job I love that you are sharing these thank you so much

Jeff Schuhwerck I am so glad that I follow you, Carol. Your pictures are always great

Karen S. Nutini I  knew about Carol M. Highsmith long before I was on Facebook. You are an inspiration and I’m honored to know your backstory. You need to be documented for the American patriot you are!

Steve D. Henry It is such an honor knowing you and the work that you do!

Sue Ellen Miller Moments in history need to be recorded & your photos are a beautiful tribute to your Love for our Country… making the photos available to everyone to see & use through the Library of Congress is truly a great Gift! Taking us to places & events we might not get to see otherwise… Thank You for Sharing Your Passion in preserving our history!

Elly Fitzig So grateful to you, Carol, for your talent, dedication, and all the hard work that you and Ted put into documenting a visual history of our country for all of us and for those who come after us. Big Big hugs.

Jeff Schuhwerck must be so very proud to have your photographs in the Library of Congress! You do amazing work, Carol. Thank you for sharing them with us!