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have begun a relationship with The Discoverer, a dynamic site that “transports you to far off destinations directly from your inbox.”  It sends stories, images, and tasty little trivia challenges to subscribers . . . and now, blogs of my images and “road warrior” tales.

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The Voice of America is special to me, because my dear husband, Ted, worked there for 24 great years and, even before I got him on the road with me, served as its Americana reporter.  So when his former colleague, Julie Taboh, asked to profile me and my work, I jumped at it.  Be sure to read while these two images in the story are special, too!

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A Whole Lot in Common

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization after my own heart.  It gathers a host of creative works that others may use freely, without copyright or royalty restriction.  That’s exactly what I’m doing with my 52,000 images on the Library of Congress online site.  Creative Commons kindly produced this detailed and lovely piece about me.

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Mirror, Mirror Back in Time

Yup, that’s me, many years (and pounds) ago, getting my start in photography in Washington’s Willard Hotel, which was rescued from demolition in the nick of time. (Below is another hanger-on of a place in the Bodie ghost town.) These images introduced me in two stories in City Lab, the Atlantic‘s digital magazine.

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Ghost Towns on City Lab Site

Does CBS Have My GPS?

I’ve had the usually flattering experience of being interviewed by a number of newspapers and broadcast networks. The big-old Eye at CBS, especially, seems to keep a lookout for me.  Three times one of its shows has found me a worthwhile subject.  This one was in my home stomping grounds.  For it, I guess you could say it had “flower power.”

CBS Sunday Morning

Grateful in Greensboro

I was born in a North Carolina town so small, it doesn’t exist any more! The closest place you’ve likely heard of is Greensboro, one of the Piedmont “Triad” cities. Our large Carter clan still holds reunions not too far away, and a crackling-good reporter for the Greensboro News did a fabulous story about me and my “calling.”

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The Best of the Story!

Paul Harvey used to tell America “The Rest of the Story” on the radio. Since 2003, the nonprofit organization StoryCorps has been gathering full first-person stories from Americans of all walks of life, modeled after the oral-history interviews of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in the 1930s.  StoryCorps captured Carol’s recollections and reflections one day in Los Angeles:

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A Charitable Gift

I was thrilled to receive support from the iconic Pew Charitable Trust to work in the state of Pennsylvania.  I lived in Philadelphia for years and always loved the state.  Now it will reside in my collection on the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs site!

I Gave Up at the Cha-Cha-Cha!

I’ve never met Doren Damico, a self-described “salsa-dancing philosopher poet” (or ANY salsa-dancing philosopher poet, for that matter). But Doren discovered me somehow, somewhere, and put together a thoughtful story about me, including many of my images, for her photography class and posted it on her beautiful Web site.

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Ich bin ein Berlin Waller!

In 2015, Haverford College urban studies professor Paul M. Farber published a series of stories and photos commemorating the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany. Called The Wall in Our Heads: American Artists and the Berlin Wall, it included an item about, and my photo of, a piece of the Berlin Wall . . . and I didn’t have to go to Deutschland to get it!  I took it outside the Wende Museum in Los Angeles which mounted an installation called “The Wall Project.”

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