From the Peeps

Robert: Ms Highsmith, you are a national treasure.

Pam: You are amazing. Thank You for documenting the America that many of us never have the opportunity to see. Your photographs truly show our diversity & our unity.

Diana: Thank you for your endless love for our country…

Julia: I so admire your work and am eternally grateful for you allowing me to follow along on your trips across America….I thank you.

Martha: It’s an honor to travel with you!

Barry: What a beautiful thing it is that we are connected via FB. You so deserve to be in the LoC pantheon of exquisite and artistic storytellers for all of our generations.

Chuck: You have provided us experiences most of us could never see or get to. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the LOC in 100 years to see how people react to your priceless collection. You are amazing Carol M. Highsmith.

Margaret: Sometimes your photos are photos of places I’ve travelled to and loved. More often they show places I can only dream about. The interesting, often very individualistic, people in your portraits are a delight. And you yourself are an inspiration: a woman my own age travelling, photographing, creating art and recording

Linda: Carol, you are fantastic!