From the Peeps

Mary Yee: Wonderful portrait. You really captured his power and dignity.

John Esford: amazing light in an amazing spot.👏

Jerni Edlen: A wonderful, inspiring, and fascinating interview. Always a pleasure to view your works and hear the back story.

David Brown: You capture these images so well. Lovely work. 👍

Sharon A. Tyson:  Amazing image Carol!!

Robert Sterbal: I’m always extra happy when our paths have seen similar things and I have the joy of your photos.

Margaret Bristol Johnson: You are amazing !

Stan Malinowski: Beautiful! You’re showing me places that I did not know existed in this country!

Jerni Edlen: Beautiful image. A terrific example of “Americana.”

Scott Burns: An image to be treasured.

Niki Chenault: How wonderful! Congratulations on such an accomplishments

Dan Toomey: Incredible photo!

Ruth Blohm: You are always in the right place at the right time!

Robert Sterbal: Ms Highsmith, you are a national treasure.

Pam Dembe: You are amazing. Thank You for documenting the America that many of us never have the opportunity to see. Your photographs truly show our diversity & our unity.

Diana Lundquist: Thank you for your endless love for our country…

julia norman mclean: I so admire your work and am eternally grateful for you allowing me to follow along on your trips across America….I thank you.

Martha Foster McDowell: It’s an honor to travel with you!

Barry Magarick: What a beautiful thing it is that we are connected via FB. You so deserve to be in the LoC pantheon of exquisite and artistic storytellers for all of our generations.

Chuck Rickman: You have provided us experiences most of us could never see or get to. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the LOC in 100 years to see how people react to your priceless collection. You are amazing Carol M. Highsmith.

Margaret Bristol Johnson: Sometimes your photos are photos of places I’ve travelled to and loved. More often they show places I can only dream about. The interesting, often very individualistic, people in your portraits are a delight. And you yourself are an inspiration: a woman my own age travelling, photographing, creating art and recording

Linda Carter Brinson: Carol, you are fantastic!

WF Strong: Love, Love Love your Webpage.  It’s just awesome in every way.

Cindy Griffith McEnery: Golly, your work is just amazing!

Jan Royal: This visual has it all…the vast sky’s reflection adds some of the magic to nature’s wonder…give em a John Muir moment…wonder if you two ever set up camp while you are engaged in selecting the “perfect spots”

Linda Bjorklund: Congratulations on a much deserved award.

David Brown: You capture these images so well.  Lovely work!

Jan Royal .The history of our great country is so important to keep in the minds of each following generation …a beautiful image that once again says a picture is worth a thousand words … Carol , you enrich this nation more than words can say …and more than you will ever know … 

Keri Price:What a gorgeous photo!!!

Stan Malinowski:   Carol — Such a beautiful, beautiful photo. I keep thinking about all the wondrous parts of this country that you and Ted have seen and photographed and yet, it seems that you never have enough time to stay, relax, and enjoy!

Rose Caplan: Stay safe Carol. And thank you for bringing our beautiful country to us through your creative lens!!

Diane Maddex: You are indeed acclaimed far and wide!

Chuck Rickman: Spectacular presentation and capture.

Michael Hughes Carol M. Highsmith is one of the Library of Congress’ great benefactors. She donates to the Library her amazing photographs of America and the Jefferson Building without copyright restrictions. Here is just one example. It will make your day!